wow sometimes Rational Brain and emotional brain have a very large disconnect

Using crypto trading sites feels a little like the Future and a little like a scam

when in doubt, remember that all self worth is based on QALYs saved over lifetime

yesterday: good
today: not looking great so far

[Unrelated to certain other activities which certain people may be considering]

I love spinach triangles and I cannot lie

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- Length 🙅 ⛔ ❌ 👹
- Content 🤮

change my view messaging on Facebook Messenger != "texting"


- Length ✅
- Content 🙅 ⛔ ❌ 👹

Must resist urge to plan UC writing instead of finishing applications due today

there needs to be an option to post-except-to-one-person so I can make Certain Comments without being judged

wow why am I reading about Brexit now instead of working

When you think of your own struggles as too much to handle, recall that Britain has *still* not left the European Union.

wow once upon a time I could work without continuous interruptions every 40 seconds

now I cannot

The true fait accompli: Don't present something to your parents as "Can I", but instead "This is already happening."

how can trimming 26 words be so painful

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