hey anyone willing to pgp sign over the internet?

I have a unique obsession with trying to get into the OpenPGP strong set but I'm a high school student who can't drive so

@kevin ok send vid of writing down your key fingerprint while reciting it and patting your belly counterclockwise...

@march okay very well let me get started

(this is a joke right)

@kevin @march

You only need to do that if you’re using ECDH keys. It’s all on the ArchWiki.
@kevin Yeah it's a joke, unless I were some paranoid dude that thought every connection is under a continuous mitm attack and would not trust anything other than a face to face meeting.

Spreading your fingerprint around all over the internet on various independent trusted sources, and then tying that back to yourself somehow (video is a legit idea for this) is enough for people to trust your key with you.

@march true - I guess keybase is pretty good for this.

@kevin why sign without the verification face-to-face?

@tdemin I was thinking video call, with identification presented as usual

I feel like the risk of forgery is not *too* much higher than in real life in that case

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