why are banks so silly I just want to set up an automatic percentage to go to savings!

Sorry if you got unfollowed - I've had to do an unfollow cycle after restarting my server.

Back! After some disuse and some wiping off the dust, mastodon.kliu.io is back.

bless I just made GNOME like 2x faster by switching to wayland

i'm going on a starbucks run for my favorite person today toot toot

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Chugging along mining for Handshake!

Call for help: does anyone remember a meme that started with "Girls don't want to be called pretty, they want..." from approximately October 2019?


I appreciate that Firefox has gotten fast enough somehow to the point where I don't mind using it anymore :)

never before has the Heathers soundtrack so exactly met my mental state

us politics 

help why is the united states actually going to war

wow do I love the secret history of Units

me: wow there are quite a lot of things to do this week!
also me: hey you basically have infinite free time right, what if you started some new Online Course/Project/Did Nothing For Two Hours-

my corruption level over the past week has increased exponentially

omg why did I think it was a good idea to look through old bookmarks now Nostalgia too strong

why am I reading about a tournament of chess engines with emotional commentary attached

oh my gosh nothing can save my productivity

I remember when teachers and parents were like "don't spend too much time chatting online!" and I was like wow I don't think I've ever had this problem anyway


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