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Just finished a new project, this time I embedded a full Windows 3.1 w/ a ton of utils into a coreboot ROM on a ThinkPad X200. Small showcase and blogpost:

this is such a terrible way of running amd's tensorflow rocm image please me don't

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Can you use QEMU to emulate instructions unsupported by your own CPU?

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a few of you may remember a few weeks ago i made an app that does literally nothing

what i didn't post, nor even realize, was how much space it takes in order to do literally nothing:

It feels like there's so much to learn, how do I prioritize?

Rust, machine learning, more JS circlejerking, actual schoolwork?

oh hey someone with Chrome for iOS ("CriOS") is visiting my website!

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@kevin I just run one set of services from home, but went with a solution that could easily extend to multiple sets as well: I rent a small VPS with 2 IP addresses and route the second one to my machine at home via a VPN. This way I get a static IP, can limit bandwidth and can completely separate the services from my home network. It did take a while to set up though.

my blog post got onto!!!

no comments but hey we're moving up in life

All quiet on the western front

The only system accessing my mailserver is Uptime Robot

"Save one life, and it is as though you have saved the whole world."

okay, time to get down to business to maximize my utility function

So many problems in the world, so little time to fix them.

is it worth it to open registration on a self-hosted mastodon server

that is, does anyone care about potatoes in space?

and swoosh suddenly come the wave of mastodon instance bots viewing the page

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Released a new blog post! on my absolutely scandalous method of running two servers on one residential IP address


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I use Standard Notes to keep perfect track of everything I will absolutely not accomplish today 

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