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step 1 is now to isolate literally everything from the internet

heck yeah I got networkpolicy working with kubernetes

hello actually having a firewall?!

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when gamers say they have a yacht this is what they're talking about

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biometrics are usernames dammit!

quit pretending they are passwords


*grumble*stupid big tech firms*grumble*

it's kind of weird how few people from I see considering it's got like 300k users

I wonder if this Pleroma relay really helps

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faves dont federate so whenever a toot has like 5 faves you know its a home run

always interesting navigating the fediverse and making it to Misskey

time to make my instance public on joinmastodon!

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"It's more or less impossible to write a new [browser] engine from scratch now that WWW turned into a pile of overengineered cruft"

I really appreciate Mastodon's method of migrating people to the new UI - as an active user, I was kept on the old one.

I actually prefer the new one, but I'm glad to see that it doesn't break people's workflows.

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I popped my ace unicorn up on redbubble! You can get it on all the stuff! Fancy! I re-did it digitally to make for cleaner prints (and to adjust one or two things)

#ace #asexual #unicorn #firealpaca #creativetoots #ersonalart #redbubble

@aral by the way - it looks like the certificate on is expired. Wanted to let you know in case it wasn't on your radar.

J.B.F. in Seveneves is a fascinating example of how rhetoric applied to the Wrong Cause can both be glaringly obvious and glaringly effective.

want to get my instance on, but it looks like two people need access to server infra... not sure what I could do about that :/

somehow we avoided the whole "one server [Google] controls 60% of the market" thing

the level of decentralization in the Mastodon ecosystem is actually quite nice.

ok, the new mastodon UI is quite nice

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