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New blog post! About the insanities of Java on the browser.

First Look at TeaVM: Java on the Browser?

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Sitting in my chair with a good book and a hot cup of tea. The rain, softly sprinkling down against my window.

Oh! The telephone is ringing. I wonder who's calling.

I pick it up, and hear a voice, the voice of someone who has their mouth half-filled with pizza.


I grab my mask & cape, then I'm off.

(But really though, this sort of service would be super handy!)

App idea: Uber/Airbnb, but for game consoles & cartridges?

What do you think - useful or nah?

setting up a vm for a friend on the local network ^-^

also ugh chrome is too good, it's like making a deal with the devil

dang, my server uptime has actually gone over 99% for the last 30 days!

better than discord /s

man, I want to love Firefox, but Chromium is just so fast on Linux...

(and before you ask, yes I've enabled all the perf settings, I've tried nightly, it's still slower)

(unless you have some secret perf setting in which case *please* let me know)

how does linus media group turn a profit when they buy so much junk

Anyone know good restaurants in San Francisco/San Diego?

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running a single-user instance is enough trouble in what i'm sure we'll soon come to think of as the pre-whitelist era

really looking forward to making sure i get on every new approved list

hey, y'all remember email? 😑

enabling federation relays and letting the toots pour in

ah it's nice to be able to nope out and take a nap

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me, reading 1984 by George Orwell: gosh, i sure am glad that i'm not living under a surveillance state where my every move and action is recorded and processed, i would really hate for that to be the case

step 1 is now to isolate literally everything from the internet

heck yeah I got networkpolicy working with kubernetes

hello actually having a firewall?!

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when gamers say they have a yacht this is what they're talking about

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biometrics are usernames dammit!

quit pretending they are passwords


*grumble*stupid big tech firms*grumble*

it's kind of weird how few people from I see considering it's got like 300k users

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