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using an iPad + capacitive stylus for notes is surprisingly not that terrible

anyone know good note apps?

why can't brain-computer interaction (aka telepathy) existt

ahahaha my essay document has again passed the 100 KB mark!

hey uh weather

y'know those favors I asked before

I got another one for you

at what point did we enter the Darkest Timeline ?!

can we go back and change the random seed of the universe 'cause this ain't it

and basically stealing the ideas of certain other individuals tfw

somehow an hour of solid work got Christmas presents back on schedule

it's a christmas miracle!

Dawn of the Final Day / 3:07 remain

Sometimes the same music is still powerful but doesn't quite create the same response.

Can you use GPT-2 to complete parts of words?

this week really can't end fast enough

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ah, I see facebook only works quickly in Chrome

chrome is so much better at eating javascript-heavy websites like an amoeba than firefox

I love the smell of a well-run, underdog open source project that I hope will be successful in ~5 years. Open-source Flash, please.

Technolutions probably has the most power over the post-application college admissions process of any institution.

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